La Luna Bella (passionparty05) wrote in banner_request,
La Luna Bella

Background image: Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
text: "What's My Mutha "F"ing Name?"
text type: Something girlie (Surprise me)
text color: turquise or light pink with glitter (if possible)
text size:medium
picture size:Each photo is 2x2 right now, if you do them side by side, make them each 1x1 so that it is 5x1 all together. If you are going to make them flashing, keep them the same size they are now.
text area(bottom center)
Whatever extra you would like: I need the photos in sequencial order, either flashing, or all in a row.
And If it is flashing pix, each pic should say JOIN: sex_sex_sex69 on it. If the pix are all in a rox, just put it in a corner somewhere where it will be visible or sprawled along the bottom. I would the text to be girlie type and light pink glitter or turquise glitter.

1) What's My Mutha "F"ing Name? scrolling along the bottom with pix line up in a row or
2) Each pic flashing sequentially with each pic having one of the following words on it (respectivly):


3) each pix lined up with each word flashing sequentially or
4) "What's My Mutha "F"ing Name?" in a sort of wave across the pix all in a row with "Join sex_sex_sex69" flashing

Either way, I want the banner to say "What's My Mutha "F"ing Name?" and "Join sex_sex_sex69"

The more the merrier!
If you need to be promoted, I will promote you on all five of my communities and on both of my LJs.

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